Design Tips and Tricks for Planning a Bathroom Remodel


You spend a lot of time in your bathroom—it’s the place where you begin each day. Between brushing your teeth, washing your face, taking a shower, and more, your bathroom is the place where a mood for the oncoming day will be set. If you’ve started too many days in a bathroom that has paint peeling on the walls, rust crawling up the toilet and sink area, and a generally outdated style, it is probably time to begin your bathroom makeover, a decision that will change your lifestyle and improve your overall quality of life.

Not only will a bathroom makeover change your mood, it can also increase the value of your home, improving your net worth and your home’s resale value if you relocate for a career. Below, we’ve compiled the best tips for planning and designing your bathroom makeover.

Know Your Budget
Before you begin falling in love with various expensive styles and exorbitant constructions and designs, determine how much you can spend on this remodel and stick to that budget.

Plan, Plan, Plan
Remember that the reason you’re doing this bathroom makeover—the frequency with which you use this room—is the same reason it can be extremely difficult to allot time for it. You use your bathroom numerous times a day, so you need to ensure that you have another bathroom in your home you can use or a friend’s bathroom you can access with ease. A bathroom makeover will take time—plan accordingly.

Lighting and Color
Lighting can drastically alter your mood—so choose lights that will wake you up without casting unflattering angles when you look in the mirror. And consider a lighter color for your paint, like a beige or pastel color, so that the mood is light and calming both morning and night.

Know Your Space
If you don’t have a lot of room in the bathroom, consider a corner sink, which will take up less space and allow you to install cabinets beneath to store your toiletries. Also, a glass-doored shower will open the space up, allowing you to see wall to wall, without taking up the large floor space of a tub.

Final Word
Your bathroom sets your mood and has a great impact on the value of your home—consider those factors and begin your bathroom makeover today. If you’re not sure where to start, stop by our gallery and make note of all the things you love or could live without in the other bathroom makeovers we have conducted: And if you’re ready to start your bathroom makeover today, give us a call: (954) 533-4435.

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