Living in South Florida allows for outdoor cookouts year-round. But if you are planning a get together this summer, it is never too early to start working on your outdoor entertainment spot. Create your own design and work with the space that you have in your backyard. Don’t wait any longer to make your dream custom outdoor kitchen a reality.

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Is your kitchen drab, worn out, and in desperate need of a renovation? Perhaps you are ready for a remodel. Remodeling your kitchen can and should be an exciting experience. It has the potential to significantly improve the appearance and value of your home. Overhauling the look of your kitchen countertops can be a major step in the right direction. You will be amazed at how this one simple change can make a huge difference in how your kitchen looks. Unfortunately, there are not many companies that offer high quality countertops products or services. It can be challenging to find a company that can deliver the kitchen of your dreams. If you have been searching high and low for a top shelf kitchen countertops company, you have come to the...

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A home construction project, whether big or small, is always safe left in the hands of a professional. It is also important that the professional to whom you wish to assign your project is a licensed contractor with an active license to conduct work in your state. It is a common notion that it is more economical to hire contractors or laborers from the local hardware store or to do it yourself. However, it is important to understand that quality and safety should come first when it comes to anything related to your home. Because, this is the space that you and your loved ones are going to share.

In order to obtain a contractor’s license, the applicant must prove they have the necessary experience (four years for most categories) an...

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  1. Eco-friendly Choices:The latest craze to sweep the nation is eco-friendly everything, and bathrooms are no exception. Interior design trends have been getting greener and greener. There has never been such big of a demand for eco-friendly options in the bathroom. The most popular ‘green’ products are water-conserving faucets and showerheads. An added benefit is that these options also save you money in the long run.

  2. Colors Schemes: Light earthy tones are making a comeback. Nothing adds to the serenity factor like a neutral, calm color. Earthy, nature-inspired hues remain the order of the day – with whites, off-whites, beiges, browns and grays being the most popular colors in bathrooms today.

  3. Streamlined Design: It is a mixture between contemporary and traditional – much simpler than traditional styles, but a little more elaborate than the contemporary Brass faucets are going to be wildly popular in bathrooms. Look for a return to traditional styles that are more ornate, including bridge faucets.

  4. Nature Influences: Nature is the number one inspiration for bathroom design today – not only is this reflected in the nature-inspired color trends, and the drive for more eco-friendly products, but also in the actual aesthetics of bathroom design and the materials that are being used. Stone countertops and wooden vanities are also very popular this year. Actual graphics from nature, featuring imagery such as shells, flowers, rocks or outdoor landscape scenes, are also making their way into modern bathrooms in the form of window dressings, towels, bath mats, shower curtains or printed glass shower screens or backsplashes.

  5. Lighting: No longer does bathroom lighting merely comprise of plain and functional fixtures. This year bathroom lighting stands as a feature in its own right. Ornate fittings, such as chandeliers or contemporary pendant fittings, have found their way into the bathroom as a proud personal statement. As far as window coverings go, sheers are making a huge comeback, particularly linen sheers, providing privacy but allowing the natural light to shine through.

  6. Spa-like Experience: Why go to the spa when you can have your own sanctuary at home? Spa-like bathrooms are the new ‘in’ thing for 2013. The top trendy looks that create this personal oasis are: beautiful lighting, rich stonework and deep freestanding tubs. There’s a great mix of styles in bathrooms for the year– anything goes, for example modern fixtures with vintage claw-foot tubs are very popular. Other fads for the year include waterproof speakers that streamline music into the room, ambiance lighting, color-changing LED-lit shower heads, oversized spa-like shower enclosure, complete with an oversized showerhead and body jets in the tub.

  7. Bathroom Art: Let’s face it… no one wants to hang fine art in their bathroom due to hazardous hot and steamy conditions, therefore, these spaces usually stay barren from art. For 2013, those conditions are not stopping homeowners from adding a bit of individuality into their bathroom designs. The new trend is to add eye-catching graphics through the means of beautifully printed tiles or printed glass screens. Since both of those options are waterproof they can stand the harsh climates in the bathroom, while still giving the room that personal flare.

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